Call for papers 2015 – Circulations and cultural policies / Women in action and circulations


The second journey of studies of Research Society of PhD Candidates in Cultural History is based on the seminar “Cultural History / Circulation, reception, mediation” of the Graduate School of English, German and European Studies (EDEAGE), Sorbonne Nouvelle University.
Our first journey of studies had for theme “The emergence of the transnational cultural space” throughout the study of the local cases and the global phenomenon [1].
This year, during our second journey of studies, our topic of discussion will be the circulations and the representations under the angle of the gender relations and / or the cultural policies of the XXth century till today.
Indeed, we want to question the representations existing in the globalized societies during two workshop groups and by studying two different objects: the women’s movements and / or the cultural policies.

Workshop 1: Circulations and cultural policies

What are the stakes of the cultural policies in our globalized and interconnected society?
This workshop’s main purpose is to study the cultural dimension as the strategy of the international relations and of the cultural Diplomacy. We should also question the relations between the States, the International Organizations and the civil societies into the culture’s circulations:
•    How to answer the needs of the contemporary cultural movements;
•    What is the place of the culture in the politics of modern States;
•    How the cultural policies are interacting on the external representations/ images of the States and on the relations between the States and the public organizations;
•    What is the place of the cultural organizations in the modern society of communication?
There is a lot of ways to think about those statements, which this workshop group invites us to develop. The exclusion phenomenon and the cultural movements of the minorities could be an object of the particular attention.
We invite you to take a look at the actuality of research to examine the links between the dialogue through the disciplines and the cultural spaces. We will welcome the theoretical and methodological contributions and the study of the practical cases national or international in the different area such as politics, education, actions and cultural mediations, cultural economics…

Workshop 2: Women in action and circulations

The second part of our Workshop invites you to explore feminine and feminist groups and movements on local, national and transnational levels. This round table sets up different approaches: historical analysis, observation of Cultural transfers, representations and speeches’ studies, work on interactions between academic and associative spheres. The topic of discussion will consist of :
•    The production and the reception of Femininity and Masculinity norms by these organizations ;
•    The circulation of knowledge, researches and concepts (ex : Gender, Feminism, etc.) produced or appropriated by these groups ;
•    The networking and the organization models of those groups which may bring new working methods and best practices;
•    These organizations’ representatively on the political sphere and in civil society.
We will welcome papers that make a connection between cultural politics and Women movements, through the activist art expression (DAPHNE program, festivals, social projects, local initiatives, etc.).

Key words: circulations, reception, cultural policy, gender, women, feminism, movements, network, transfers…

How you can answer
We would be glad to hear the others thoughts in link with the subject of the circulations and women in action or/and the circulations and cultural policies through the prism of the emergence of the new transnational cultural space. During this study day, you can also present your doctoral research under way or already finished. We invite you to send us your proposals, 300 words maximum, before the 10th of April 2015 on:
(Réseau de Jeunes Chercheurs en Histoire Culturelle – Research Society of PhD Candidates in Cultural History)

We will welcome papers in French or in English. After the study day, the papers will be published on our research notebook. We will invite you to provide the synthesis of one or two pages of your presentations.

This study day could be count as the training for your Graduate School. A letter of attendance will be given to participants on their demands.

Monday the 4th of may 2015, 14h – 20h
Institut du monde anglophone, Salle 16
5, rue de l’École de médecine, 75006 Paris
Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle
École Doctorale EDEAGE Etudes Anglophones, Germanophones et Européennes
Graduate School of the English, German and European Study
Research team of the ICEE Intégration et Coopération dans l’Espace Européen
Integration and Cooperation in the European Space

We would hope to find the ways of the future cooperation and research collaborations. To finish with, in 7:30 P.M. we will invite you to take a friendly cup of wine!

Organisation team:
Tanya Karagyozova, 
PhD student, Sorbonne Nouvelle University;
Claire Lafon, 
PhD student, Sorbonne Nouvelle University - Saint-Louis University, Brussels;
Elena Tislenko,
PhD student,  Sorbonne Nouvelle University;
Alexandre Navarro, PhD student, Sorbonne Nouvelle University - Columbia University (visiting scholar);

[1] You can find the description of that study day first year on our research notebook.


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